Upcoming Events

Who We Are

Klesis is a Christian fellowship at  University of Maryland - College Park that is open to all students. From small groups to bowling to weekly Bible Studies, we’re a group that loves to hang out, talk about life & connect with God. Come check us out!

Join us for Sunday Service

Every Sunday @ 11:30AM at the Marriott Conference Center

It doesn't matter if you've gone to church all your life or if you've never checked one out, we're excited to have you join us to learn more about God together!


Investigate Christianity

C101 is a weekly course that gives an intellectual basis to examine some of the most commonly asked questions about Christianity, as well as address misconceptions about God, Jesus, and the Bible. If you're interested, sign up now!

Study the Word of God

Here at Klesis we love studying the Word of God - and one way we do this is through our devotional times, or DT, for short.

We often meet together for DT - in cafes, on campus, and at each other's homes. If you're interested, sign up now!